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QuickStove Natural Waterproof Survival & Camping Fuel Disk Fire Starters - 10 Pack - Brown - Not Available

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Dimension: Approximate 0.75" Thick x 3.5" Diameter (3.5 Oz) Quickstove Emergency Fire Starters Are An Ideal Fuel Source For Portable Wood Burning Stoves. Made Of Wood And Highly Refined Wax, They Are Designed To Light Easily And To Burn Hot. Since Most Meals Take Less Than 30 Minutes To Cook, They Are A Perfect Solution As An Emergency Source Of Heat For Cooking. Quickstove Fire Starters Can Be Used - As A Fire Starter As An Emergency Fuel Source When Hiking, Camping Or In The Outdoors As An Emergency Heat Source During Cold Weather As A Dry, Easy-To-Burn Fuel When It'S Windy, Rainy Or Snowy As A Way To Boil Water Read Additional Information About Quickstove Fire Starters To Light: Using A Match, Light The Edge Of The Quickstove Fire Starter (In Windy Conditions, Try Breaking Off A Piece And Lighting It On Top Of The Remaining Disk). Tip: Most Meals Only Require About 15 Minutes Of Burn Time. To Get The Most Out Of Your Quickstove Fire Starter, You Can Break It In Half And Save Half For Later Use. Warning: Carbon Monoxide & Fire Hazard. These Fire Starters Consume Oxygen And Produce Carbon Monoxide Gas, Which Is Poisonous And Has No Odor. Use Only In Well Ventilated Areas. Do Not Use In An Enclosed Space Such As Inside A Home, Camper, Tent, Or Car.
  • Waterproof - Easy To Light Even When Soaked In Water. Unlimited Storage Life Making It A Must Have For Outdoor Activities And Emergencies.
  • Fire Starters Burn At Over 1,000 Degrees Fahrenheit Within Two Minutes, Allowing You To Boil Water In Just Minutes.
  • Natural Materials (Cedar Wood Chips And Food Grade Parrafin Wax) And Are Not Subject To Legal Storage Limits.
  • Fuel Cubes Burn For 30-45 Minutes Giving You A Total Burn Time Of Over 5 Hours.
  • Quickstove Fire Starters Are Made Of Non-Toxic. Made In Usa With A 100% Money Back Guarantee
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