2 Burner Propane Stove Grill Gas 20000 Btu Outdoor Portable Burner CSA Certified

$99.99 $69.95


  • PROPANE BURNERS – Whether it is your home, farm, equipment, or business, running them on propane makes good sense, both economically and environmentally. You can easily regulate pressure of propane to provide consistent cooking performance
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN – The portable grill with gas stove burner has a stainless steel drip tray, so you don’t have to deal with messy stains on cloths or tables. After you finish cooking, all you need to do is remove the grate for a quick cleanup.
  • WIND SHIELDS – The camp grill stove combo gives you amazing service even if the weather becomes windy all of a sudden. The built-in windscreen panels guards your flame from the wind, so you can continue cooking without any disruption whatsoever.
  • PORTABLE – Not only is this 2-burner stove very easy to take along in a backpack or luggage, but it comes with a built-in carry handle, which makes it even more convenient. The compact structure works in its favor, so carrying it is a breeze!
  • PRESSURE CONTROL: Equipped with an advanced pressure control feature, the heat remains steady even during extreme conditions. This is a high pressure grill so you can regulate the amount of propane that reaches the burner, which leads to a higher flame intensity, thereby speeding up the cooking process.
  • ROBUST FRAME Manufactured with stainless steel, it has a solid structure that enhances durability.
  • ADJUSTABLE BURNERS Two independently adjustable burners are incorporated into the design, with a cooking power of 20, 000 BTUs, so you can cook a large variety of dishes within a relatively shorter period of time.
  • LARGE SURFACE Cooking is faster thanks to the big space you have at your disposal. When you have several people eagerly wanting to taste your famous mushroom soup and chicken stir fry, your reputation certainly takes a beating if you make them wait. The wide surface lets you cook more in terms of quantities as you can fit in two pots or pans at the same time.
  • The built-in windscreen panels guards your flame from the wind, so you can continue cooking without any disruption whatsoever. They can even be adjusted outwards in case you need to fit in a bigger pan. No need to despair during strong winds as the shields do a fantastic job!
  • TOP QUALITY When it comes to a MARTIN product, you can rely on us for exceptional quality and performance – rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.