BBQ-Toro Rocket Stove RAKETE #2 - Portable Biomass, Wood Burning and Charcoal Survial Camp Stove for Camping and Outdoor

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  • UNIQUE PROPERTIES | Smoke-free flame without flying sparks – The rocket stove offers a concentrated heat recovery and distribution of heat and can also be used in windy weather. In contrast to open fire when grilling, no heat is lost here and you can thus minimize the cooking time.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY & SUSTAINABLE | The cleanest and most energy efficient stove is the rocket stove. Almost anything you can burn. Wood, charcoal, branches, prunings, pine cones and pellets – that’s what makes the outdoor kitchen fun.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS | The rocket is ideal for outdoor use, on your patio, in the garden, yard or camping, and allows you to cook traditionally with e.g. Dutch oven, ladle and cast iron pot.
  • EASY HANDLING | You can fire this rocket stove from below and from above, just as you like. The air supply can be easily and effectively regulated by means of double doors.
  • GIFT IDEA | The ideal gift for women or men. Surprise your loved ones with this high quality rocket stove.

BBQ-Toro Rocket Stove RAKETE #2, Stainless Steel Camp Oven

The rocket stove can be operated with a variety of materials. It can be fired with wood, charcoal or combustible biomass (wood pellets, leaves, cardboard and much more). Grill environmentally friendly and sustainable!

Outdoor use is no problem even in windy weather. The chimney effect (draft from below) effectively burns the wood. The flames rise through an opening in the middle of the stove to the cast-iron ring. This unique construction has many advantages. On the one hand it allows a complete combustion of the materials – it is an almost odorless, smoke-free flame without flying sparks – and on the other hand, the escaping heat can be used for cooking.

The rocket stove has two openings with doors to fire the rocket and regulate the airflow. Included in delivery is a firewood rack with which you can add larger pieces of wood from below. The practical 3-point pot holder gives your Dutch Oven or your casting pan an optimal stop. In addition, the rocket stove is equipped with comfortable stainless steel handles with rubber coating. The handles can be touched even when the stove is hot.

The rocket stove offers versatile uses. You can use it on your terrace, in the garden or of course camping. A traditional cooking at home. Ideal for Dutch Oven, ladle and cast iron pot. Delicious food can be cooked quickly without the use of gas and electricity.