Camerons All Natural Firestarters- 50 Pack- Lightning Fast Lighters for Barbecue Grill, BBQ Charcoal, Campfire, Fireplace and More- Unique Design Lights Faster Than Cubes, Square or Nuggets

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  • Fire Starters- VALUE Pack of 50 firelighters are ALL NATURAL and made of hardwood
  • Fire lighters are LIGHTNING FAST- Better than fire starter cubes, squares, logs or nuggets
  • Firestarters light quickly, easily and do not flare up
  • Firelighters are great for fireplaces, wood and pellet stoves, bbq grills, campfires and more
  • Use with the Flip Professional Smoke Box for Cold Smoking

Camerons Products Set of 50 All Natural Fire Starters

VALUE PACK – 50 Fire Starters

This pack of 50 fire starters by Camerons Products is the easiest, safest, and cleanest way to start your grill or campfire. Perfect to use with the Flip Professional Smoke Box for Cold Smoking.

All Natural Fire Lighters

Camerons all-natural fire lighters are made of non-toxic pine and spruce wood making them safe for both indoor and outdoor use. Works well for any grill, smoker, campfire, fireplace and more!

Quick Lighting Firestarters

Use one fire starter per 2-3 pounds of charcoal in your grill, or use in your fireplace, smoker or while you’re out camping to quickly and effectively kindle your fire.