KobraGear Emergency Magnesium Fire Starter Ferrocerium Ferro Rod 5 inch x ½ inch with Survival Paracord Lanyard and Steel Multitool Striker

$69.99 $39.95


  • Superior Size: 5 inch (127 mm), Diameter: 1/2 inch (13 mm) Due to the size and thickness of the rod, its guaranteed to produce over 15,000 strikes unlike other magnesium ferro rods that have a max of 12,000 strikes. Included is a Storm proof Multi-tool High Capacity Steel Striker that has a concave tinder scraper, straight-edge striker, ruler, bottle opener and lastly a hex wrench.
  • Premium Quality: Showers hot sparks (5,500 degrees F) that are weatherproof at any altitude. Made up of rust-free Ferro (ferrocerium) that has the perfect balance between durability and consistency to create the perfect fire.
  • Outdoor Use: The rod is perfect for camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, bush craft, gas stoves, backpacking or any emergency situation. This product also comes with 6 ft of military grade corrosion resistant paracord that has a pull force of 485 lbs, useful for any survivor & situation.
  • Compact/Convenient: Because of the weight and design, its small enough to fit into your pocket but will outperform other magnesium fire starters.It also gets delivered in a unique box that can be a great and essential gift for anyone
  • Customer Satisfaction: You should be thrilled with your ferrocerium flint fire starter! But if for any reason you’re not, contact us anytime. We’ll do anything necessary to resolve the situation. Customer Satisfaction is deeply exercised here at Kobra Gear.

The Kobra Gear Fire Starter Ferro Rod gives you the advantage of having a reliable heat source at your fingertips. This Ferro rod produces sparks in excess of 5,500 F degrees, thus igniting a flame that will help you stay warm as temperatures fall, alert rescue parties, or provide a platform to cook a meal in the outdoors. Unlike other fire starter options, this rod is impervious to weather, guaranteed to give the perfect spark in any rain or weather. Also unlike other competitors, the Kobra gear Fire Starter Rod is capable of more than 15,000 strikes that will see you through countless hiking adventures and camping trips. Because it’s so small and compact, it goes virtually anywhere in your pocket, another perfect quality to carry you through the aftermath of a natural disaster as part of your prepper supplies. Add a Kobra gear Ferro Rod to your supply today if you’re looking for a product to count on in those tough situations! Because of the thickness, it can be held firmly as you scrape away showers of sparks. Laced to the rod is 6ft of military-grade, corrosion-resistant paracord that has a pull force of 485 lbs, useful for any survivor & situation. At the end of the paracord is High Capacity Steel Striker that scrapes tinder, opens bottles, turns hex nuts and helps you map-out your return to civilization. Start A Fire Anywhere & Anytime The Best Way With Kobra gear Fire Starter!