Steve Kaeser Fatwood 100% Natural Firestarter Sticks Hand Cut in The USA Ferro Rod Ferrocerium Flint Jute Fatwood Chips Striker Tin Container

$39.99 $21.95


  • One (1) Tin can 3 5/16in x 2 9/16in x 15/16in, fits in shirt pocket
  • One (1) Ferro Rod is 5/16 in thick x 3in. last for 1000’s of strikes. One (1) Striker 3in long may be grey, blue or black in color
  • One (1) Bag of fatwood chips/dust. Tin filled with hand cut in USA fatwood sticks
  • One (1) 45in piece of jute soaked in soy wax, starts on fire quickly from ferro rod sparks
  • Each kit put together by hand for you, one at a time, in the seaside village of Ventura, California

Ships from USA. American owed & operated. Tin full of 100% natural fatwood fire starting sticks, hand cut in the USA. Jute soaked in natural hot soy wax, produced from soy beans by American farmers, 100% natural fatwood chips, plus a ferro rod that last for 1000’s of strikes and 3in striker. l have used this kit while backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail from California to Canada. You can start a fire very quickly in all kinds of weather. Fatwood has been use since the 1600’s to start fires. Naturally soaked in the trees resin. No chemicals used here. Ignites instantly burns very hot. Cut from dead pine stumps left after logging, we never cut live trees. Use to start a fire anywhere,camp fires,wood stoves. Perfect for your survival kit, backpacking, bug out kits, hiking, preppers or camping. Fatwood never lets you down in emergencies….. Jute twine soaked in wax. Jute lights on fire very quickly with the sparks from a ferro rod and is long burning, just cut off a 2in piece and fray the ends. Lights in all kinds of weather….. Fatwood chips saves time, no need to make tinder it is already made for you. Each kit is put together by hand for you, in the seaside village of Ventura, California. Thanks for looking. See you on the trail. Steve Kaeser